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Banksy utställning

Banksy & Handbolls-VM sätter färg på Malmö

Bollkonst i världsklass eller street art i världsklass? Eller förresten – varför välja? När street artens superstjärna hyllas i Malmö och Handbolls-VM för herrar spelas på Malmö Arena är det lätt att känna livsandarna vakna, mitt i blekaste vintern!
Jullov i Folkets park i Malmö

Christmas holidays & New Year’s in Malmö

Will you spend Christmas and/or New Years’s Eve in Malmö this year? Good choice! In Sweden’s third city, with everything close at hand, it is just as easy to find activities for everyone in late December as a memorable party when it comes to embracing 2023.
An artful autumn

An artful autumn

Are you an art lover? Congratulations! Malmö has a solid reputation for being a vigorous and thriving art scene and the city’s museums hold treasures for all tastes. Step inside and explore.
Anastasia - Musikshow Malmö

Malmö on a rainy day

Autumn sun and crisp air. Or raindrops that keep falling on your head? Do not despair! Malmö’s range of activities is waterproof enough to resist a few showers. In other words, the forecast is brilliant for you to find something fun to do indoors.
Hyllie Malmö

Climate-smart Hyllie

- A hot spot for shopping & events

One of Europe’s best shopping centres, a ground-breaking travelling exhibition and an arena that has hosted both Pope Francis and the Eurovision Song Contest. These are just a few of the things to discover in Hyllie, a futuristic and climate-smart district only 3 minutes by train from Malmö city and 10 minutes from Copenhagen Airport.
Ribban Foto Werner Nystrand

City or beach?

- - in Malmö, no need to choose!

Want the kids to get off their phones this summer? Then head to Malmö! Get yourself and your family ready for a fast-paced and adventurous summer in the city featuring Sweden’s very own Copacabana.
Sommarlov - Familjeaktiviteter i Malmö

Family fun in Malmö

- The summer of 2022 will be magical!

Visit an outdoor shooting of a Swedish TV show right after breakfast. Say hi to Moomin & co around lunchtime. And finally steer your own electrical boat on the canals in the evening, dressed up like pirates. An ordinary summer day in Malmö, in other words!