Welcome to a magical glitter party at Funnys Äventyr!


We gear up for Eurovision at Funnys Äventyr between 8-11 May with Eurovision crafts, festive cookies in our café and glitter disco! Put on your sparkliest clothes and dance, all children who wear something sparkly during these days will receive a gift from us.

Funnys Äventyr is a fairytale world and a culture house for children in Malmö. Imagine a fairytale landscape where you step right into some of our best loved children’s books. Visit Alfie Atkins, Pettson and Findus, the Moomin Valley, The Cat spies of Rosengård, Halvdan and Meia and get to know the ordinary but unusual girl Funny and her friend Humble the Bumblebee. Experience stories in a new way in the magical fairy tale carousel and watch exciting and fun plays every day in the theater barn.

Funnys Äventyr is open 10:00-17:00

Välkommen till en sagolik glitterfest på Funnys Äventyr!