Kronprinsen – Glam and glitter at your neighbor’s!


Welcome to join the party! During three days in May we will make room for both a glittering afterwork with karaoke and DJ, as well as dance performances, music, and well known Swedish artists. All the details about our activities can be found below. Please notice that we can only let in a limited number of visitors, so arrive in time!


Wednesday, May 8
DJ Ekn 16.00–21.00
Selfie station 14.00–21.00
Karaoke room 14.00–21.00

Friday, May 10
Make up and styling by
Artista Hair & Beauty
(Free of charge) 12.00–18.00
Joyful karaoke room
(only Schlager hits) 12.00–18.00
Selfie station 12.00–18.00
Pop up show 15.00–19.00
Balloon twisting 15.00–19.00

On stage
New circus performer
Jan Unestam 16.10–16.20
Schlagerdansshow (dance) 16.30–16.50
Saga Ludvigsson 17.05–17.35
(Swedish band) 17.45–18.15
Danne Stråhed with band
(Swedish band) 18.30–19.15

Saturday, May 11
Make up and styling by
Artista Hair & Beauty
(Free of charge) 11.00–16.00
Joyful karaoke room
(only Schlager hits) 12.00–16.00
Selfie station 11.00–16.00
Pop up show 11.00–15.00
Balloon twisting 11.00–15.00

On stage
Schlagerkören (choir) 12.05–12.40
Schlagerdansshow (dance)12.50–13.10
Carola-lookalike 13.15–13.45
Jacqline (Swedish singer) 13.55 –14.25
Schlagerdansshow (dance)14.30–14.50
(Swedish band) 15.00–15.30

Kronprinsens - Glam och glitter hos din granne!