City or beach?


- in Malmö, no need to choose!

Want the kids to get off their phones this summer? Then head to Malmö! Get yourself and your family ready for a fast-paced and adventurous summer in the city featuring Sweden’s very own Copacabana.

Know anyone with ants in their pants who fancies a long day at the beach? Then Malmö’s Copacabana a k a Ribersborg beach (Ribersborgsstranden) is the place to be. This summer, it offers a super cool obstacle course on the water (until July 31st), bubbleball, beach handball and volleyball, padel, soap football (!), breakdance … just to name a few of all the free of charge fun on display. There are also a lot of leisure items to borrow, as well as a large, newly built playground and snacks stands.

The Western harbour area (Västra hamnen), just north of the sandy beach, with Malmö’s twisted landmark Turning Torso at its centre, offers baths from jetties, huge sun decks, cafes, ice cream parlours, restaurants and pop-up activities for youngsters throughout the summer. If you go for a stroll here in the weekend, it might be nice to know that the Malmö-Expressen, an electric mini-train with audio guidance in English, makes a stop at the Turning Torso on its more than hour-long journey around town. If you get inspired and there’s enough room left on board, you may always hop on for a ride.

When you follow the Ribersborg beach southwards, towards the Öresund Bridge, you reach another nice playa: the Sibbarp beach (Sibbarpsstranden). It features a nice campsite, an open-air bath, jetties, and large picnic areas. At First Camp Sibbarp you might, among other things, rent a pedal car and have a try at the campsite’s Adventure Golf.

Located right between the two beaches, the intriguing House of Challenges (Utmaningarnas Hus), is also worth a visit. It’s a place where you and your team solve various fun tasks for a couple of hours. NB: A team can be as small as 3 people. The recommended age is 15 years and up (10 in the company of an adult) and instructions etc are in English.

Those who find it hard to sit still will certainly also enjoy Malmö Summer Stage (Malmö Sommarscen): six weeks of various stage performances in the open air. Jazz, folk, world, gospel, contemporary circus, opera, blues, soul and more in lovely green settings. Oops … did we forget to mention that all shows are free of charge? Well, they are!

Ribban Foto Werner Nystrand
Photo: Werner Nystrand