Banksy & the World Men’s Handball Championship


World-class handball or world-class street art? Or, really – why choose? When the street art superstar Banksy is celebrated in Malmö and the World Men's Handball Championship is played at Malmö Arena, you can (almost) feel spring in the air!

The Mystery of Banksy – A Genius Mind, the critically acclaimed traveling exhibition about street art’s challenging superstar Banksy, visits Sweden for the first time between January 14 and May 21, 2023. And – of course – it takes place in the Swedish capital of street art: Malmö.

The mystery surrounding Banksy is compact. Artist or collective? Few know. For the most part, the works are anti-state, anti-capitalist and anti-warmongering, pointing to truths and problems we otherwise prefer to turn a blind eye to. Banksy’s provocative art adorns walls all over the world and the exhibition at the Nya Amiralen houses more than 150 reproduced works: graffiti, photos, sculptures, video installations… Simply a must-see for anyone who likes to grapple with art, politics, general world events and themselves. In full keeping with Banksy’s own motto “Copyright is for losers ©TM”, this tribute exhibition is not officially authorized.

From the exhibition space at Nya Amiralen, it’s a short walk to another place, which we believe Banksy would have appreciated. Mitt Möllan is a lively meeting place in the heart of the cosmopolitan district of Möllevången, where creative people and small businesses offer an exciting food court and innovative alternative shops. In addition, creators in fashion, film, music and art often make guest appearances here.

In fact, the whole of Malmö is something of an artsy project. A suggestion for those who want to find out about the city’s colourful murals is to have a look at Freedom Travel’s eminent online guide (in Swedish) including maps and photos.

The World Men’s Handball Championship 2023 is played at Malmö Arena between January 13 and 23, a total of 6 match days and 15 matches. Want to save some money? Book an overnight stay at the pleasant Malmö Arena Hotel in connection with the matches! Here, you always get a 20% discount on overnight stays in connection with events. Good, right? Just follow our link >>>

Banksy utställning
Dominik Gruss