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Turning Torso

The Favorite Spots of some of Malmö’s Profiles!

Here's a glimpse of the places selected by the Malmö profiles.

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Caroline Seger

The mutual love between Malmö and Caroline Seger.

Hear her talk about her favorite Malmö spot and about her career, which started when she was only 5 years old.
Sandra Mastio och Nicolas Lunabba

Malmö’s pizza queen meets Nicolas Lunabba from the NGO ”Helamalmö”.

We’re talking good food, but also how to find one’s place in life.
Dilan & Moa

The two comedians Moa and Dilan show us their favorite spots in Malmö.

Two of Sweden’s most well-known comedians moved to Malmö more than 10 years ago – and they love it. Hear them chat about what made them leave Norrland and Stockholm for Malmö.
Emil Sylvegård, Malmö Redhawks

The Malmö Redhawks brothers’ favorite Malmö places.

New video. New profiles! Meet the brothers Emil and Marcus Sylvegård.
Sandra Stojiljkovic

Sandra Stojiljkovic – my favorite spots in Malmö

First up: actress Sandra Stojiljkovic, known to many Swedes as police officer Dani in the TV series Tunna Blå Linjen/Thin Blue Line.